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25.10 14
Abe Olson

Hello David,
My brother is a huge fan of yours, but had to miss your Aug. 2nd game in Minnesota to be at my wedding. It was probably his only chance to see you play in person.

I want to get him something from you for Christmas this year, perhaps something signed by you to him? If you're game, please reply back.

Thanks for considering this, it'd mean a lot.

30.09 14

Good luck!

11.09 14
Andrea Lloyd

Mr Silva, thank you for all you do at MCFC you are pure class... And HOPEFULLY one day I will meet you x x x

29.08 14

jey que tal...aqui descansando un ratito y navegando y encontre tu web...un saludo fuerte desde tu tierra...un orgullo tener canariones asi...valientes y te olvides de la gente que sufre por aqui y sobretodo de los niños...un beso muy fuerte y feliz retorno al tajo...cali

20.08 14

hola te amo.♥

18.08 14
Erika Rejón

Felicidades David por tu gol de hoy contra el Newcastle. Cada vez que te veo jugar, veo más en ti a un líder y capitán dentro del campo. Vamos a con todo por otra Premier League. Mucha suerte y saludos desde Mérida, México.

18.07 14

Hallo David Silva. I'm fans from indonesia. I want meet you!!!

13.07 14

I will never forget the moment when Spain won the Cup. That day mean a lot to me, the happines, excitment but not shock. I belived in you since the beggining and I still do:) I know that you and your team will be successful in the future as well. Today somebody else will win the cup,but for me La Roja will always be a real winner!! Thank you for changing the way I look at football;)

With love, your

05.07 14

Hola David!
Altough I'm from Croatia I am big fan of you and whole La Roja! I hope you're gonna make people from all around the world happy with your playing and successes for a long more time:) Don't be sad (if you are) because Spain lost. If there are no bad moments we won't appreciate the good ones... Spain deserves to win,but that (unfortunately) can't happen every single time. All of you are extremely talented players and I especially like you and Fernando Torres. Maybe you haven't won the Cup this time but you've won my hart and I am sure lots of other people feel the same way as I do. Every and each Spain's player is and always will be a champion for me!;)

P.S. If you want to go somewhere on holiday,consider Croatia. We got beautiful beaches,sun and very nice people;)!

30.06 14

Dear David
I am Manchester City FC from Thailand. Hope you success in everything you
want ,and take care of yourself...^^



Manchester City FC